Friday, November 28, 2008

The bag we will make! Isn't it great!!!

Sewing Night!!!!

Wednesday Dec. 3rd and 10th. 6-9pm
Sewing night for mommy's group at Scottie Dog Quilts!!!

Materials needed:
Printed interfacing 4.00
2 fat quarters: 2.49-2.79 or bring your own 18" x 22" pieces These should be 2 contrasting fabrics.
Thread to match
Sewing machine & Scissors

Hope to see everyone there! The bag is super cute, super easy, and super fantastic! Great gift for the upcoming holiday!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pics of Baby Garren Timothy!

Here are some pics I got from Amy's facebook page. She said I could share them with you here since I figured some of you don't have fb.

Is he cute or what? :)

Here is the whole family - congratulations to you all!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One of My Favorite Baby Pics

Great idea Molly! Here is one of my very favorite pictures of Justin (and Sarah) I just love everything about it. I feel like it shows the love between them and the tender care they have for one another.

One of your favorite baby pics of...

Hey! Let's post pics of (one of our) favorite pics of our babies! I love looking through old pics of Ella and laughing and crying! Sometimes I just want to stop the clock-they grow up way too fast! It's fun to share precious pics with our dear friends! I'm so blessed that we all love each others kids so much! They are blessed to be surrounded by so much love too!

This is Ella at about a year and a half. We were potty training and she loved putting her big sissy's big panties and my panties on. (She just didn't know about the leg holes yet!) Anyway, I caught her bare-buns on a lazy summer afternoon looking out at the animals. I think it's precious, innocent, and captures her spirit.


Hey mamas!

Just talked to Amy's mom and BABY GARREN has arrived! He weighs 6lb 11oz and is 19" long with black hair! Amy's still in recovery so keep her in your prayers as well as her whole fam! Makenna will stay with her grandma tonight, so keep her in your bedtime prayers too!
She's at Fortuna Memorial Hospital for the next 3 days if you want to call her, visit her or whatever!

CONGRATS GARTH AND AMY, MAKENNA AND GARREN! Can't wait to welcome Garren to our mommy's group!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cookie Exchange?!?!?

Hey! Would anyone or everyone be interested in a "cookie exchange" sometime in December for Mommy's Group? We could start a tradition, mabye it could be a "GNO" event at someone's house and we can eat and exchange cookies and drink egg nog or cider and rum?!?! Just a thought...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Amy's Baby Boy!

Just reminding all of us to keep Amy in our thoughts and prayers! She's delivering "baby Garren" on Tuesday!!! She's having a scheduled C-Section and will deliver in Fortuna! May this experience be a beautiful and graceful one for her, Garth and Makenna! We love you Ame!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanks :)

Thanks, April & all for the sweet wishes!!
Hope you all had a fun dinner tonight!
:) Larissa


I just noticed on facebook that it is your birthday today!! Sooo....


Hope you're having a fabulous day!! XO

jonah's b-day party

thank you so much for jonah's sweet b-day party! he had a blast & loved his all are such supportive, generous mamas and we are so blessed to be a part of this group! here are a few pics...

jonah NOT loving his cupcakes made with love
dayton being so attentive to sweet baby tatum
isaac & fiona loving the frosting!
happy girls! rowan & ella enjoying...

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let me know if you'd like some of these pics & i can e-mail them to ya!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hey Ladies!
Jumped on the old band wagon and started a blogspot too! Check it out, yo!

Friday, November 7, 2008

We'll Miss You Elizabeth!

I thought I would add the "We'll Miss You Elizabeth" post from my blog:

Today we had a special mommy's group for our leader, Elizabeth. She is moving away to Southern California and we are all going to miss her a lot! She's been such an awesome support for all of us for such a long time. We did a "Hollywood Ending" party and some dressed up in high style. Some of the moms worked on a beautiful quilt for her as a going away present. Here are a few pics from the day:

Elizabeth with her beautiful quilt

Floor Time

Dee sporting her vintage bells

Cute girls hanging out on the porch

Larissa signing Elizabeth's quilt

Mom's Night Out

About a month and a half ago some of us went out for dinner at Rita's in Arcata. We had a great time eating Mexican food, sipping on margaritas and hanging out together. I think it's time to do another one of these again!

Welcome to the Mommy's Group Blog!

Welcome to Mommy's Group Blog! This blog has been created especially for our mommy's group. It is a place to share what's going on with our group, share pictures and communicate with one another. I am attempting to set the blog up so that all of us can post pictures and write. So stay posted, more to come!