Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Congratulations Bethany, Jason, and Isaac - Welcome Emmiley!

Bethany announced today that she and Jason are cleared to adopt Emmiley! I'm so excited for them! I've been amazed watching God work in their lives as they took this little girl into their home, knowing that she might not be there forever, but trusting God for His perfect plan. Many of us have prayed and waited to see how things would unfold. As it turns out, Emmiley was meant to be their daughter! We're over joyed for you all, and are looking forward to getting to know your new addition, Emmiley. I know a shower is in the works...stay posted for details!

I swiped this pic off of Bethany's facebook, hope that's ok Bethany! Here she is with adorable Emmiley. This girl is going to be so blessed to be part of the Cseh family!!

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