Thursday, April 2, 2009

Justin's Birthday Celebration

We had a fun little belated birthday celebration to celebrate Justin's 3rd birthday today at mom's group. Thanks Lacey for letting us hang out at your house! The kids had a blast playing with cars and watching the movie Cars, (Justin's favorite movie of all time.) Justin told me afterward that he had fun and loved the cupcakes, (sprinkles are his favorite.) Here are some pics of the festivities, (I went over board taking pictures of him, sorry, couldn't help myself!):

Dude, check out that fire!

Just let me eat the cupcake already mom!

He hid when we sang happy birthday to him.

His artistic candle sculpture.

Dayton loving that icing!

Emily and Bean - too cute for words.

Can't you see I'm busy here? I love this face!

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